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June 3, 2012
Love it!

I received my Prosonic from groupon two months ago and I can’t stop raving about how great my skin looks. I use this every morning and every night and wouldn’t dream of not using this product in my skincare regiment. For a full review check out my link:

– Kikistyles101


May 8, 2012
Well worth it!

I’ve used the machine for 1 week now and I feel like it has really made a difference in the texture and cleanliness of my skin. My skin immediately felt smoother and free of dead cell debris and my moisturizer absorbed a lot faster and better upon application.The New texture of my skin is enough for me to say that buying this product was well worth it!

– gperez0401


March 21, 2012
ProSonic Brush Set is like getting new, great skin!

The ProSonic Brush has given me clear skin for the first time in 35 years. I’ve had a few spots on my face at all times since I was 15. It was never too bad but never clear. My days without at least a little concealer on spots were rare, and I always needed foundation. I also have large pores that don’t have blackheads but never seemed completely clean except immediately after after a professional facial. After about 5 weeks of using ProSonic daily with my usual gel cleanser, I have almost no spots, my large pores don’t look congested, and I am wearing only powder instead of heavy foundation. I’ve tried lots of devices and products in my life, and I’ve never had such wonderful results. I had a more problem spots than usual during the second and third weeks using ProSonic, but I could tell it was from pores cleaning out. The fourth week was a little ugly while everything was healing. But now I can’t get enough of looking at my skin in a magnifying mirror to see how much better it is getting. It’s softer and perfectly exfoliated, too. I bought ProSonic on a whim because I had several Groupon dollars to spend when it was offered. It was a great deal, but it would have been a great deal at regular price. I don’t work for ProSonic or Make Me Heal. I’m just happy, happy, happy.

– grouponer