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ProSonic for Acne

There may not be a universal cure for acne, but the ProSonic device sure comes close. From skincare professionals to at-home users, the ProSonic has become a leading device in the fight against acne.

Some statistics state that up to 90 percent of teenagers suffer from acne at some point. And acne doesn’t always end with adolescence; adults can get it as well. With so many people suffering from acne, it is no wonder that much of the skincare market is devoted to finding treatments.

The easiest way to treat acne is probably to head to your local drugstore and stock up on the cleaners and exfoliants. But many of these treatments are ineffective at getting to the root of the problem and can even cause further breakouts and over-drying.

So your next step is likely to check in with a dermatologist. The dermatologist will likely prescribe some topical treatments, which may or may not work. They will probably also come at a fairly hefty price. In addition to topical treatments, you can also find many dermatologists that use newer forms of acne treatments and devices, such as LED treatments and other lasers. However these treatments add up very quickly and also require considerable time spent in-office and in recovery and may result in redness and peeling.

Luckily, one professional acne treatment that does work has become available for home users as well. The ProSonic device is the same device that dermatologists and skincare specialists use during in-office facial treatments, but at a fraction of the cost. Facialists in medical settings often use exfoliation devices to give patients suffering from acne a deep down clean that cannot be achieved by soap and water alone, or even with specialized cleansers.

The rotating heads of the ProSonic device have the ability to remove the dirt, oil and bacteria that clog pores and cause acne and blackheads. With the ProSonic, patients have noted a definite decrease in the appearance of acne and oily skin, resulting in smooth, clean skin.

With the ProSonic, not only do users have clearer pores and fewer breakouts, they have also noted fewer oily areas and the dry patches that are common with the use of traditional acne products.

The best part about the ProSonic is that it is now available for home use, so you don’t need to schedule appointments or spend time on professional cleaning. You also don’t have to pay big bucks. The ProSonic is an affordable way to get a professional skincare cleaning system at home and it can be used with or without further products.

Depending on your skincare needs, the ProSonic has different brush heads and speeds, and is gentle and safe enough to use more than once a day.

Users of the ProSonic have noted significant improvements in the texture and appearance of their skin. They also appreciate the special prices that are frequently available in purchasing the device and the convenience of being able to treat acne in the privacy of their home, without the hassle and expense of a professional facial treatment.