ProBody Anti-Cellulite
Massager System

Powered with Massage Rollers &
Infra-Red Light Technology

Shape, firm and smooth flabby,
sagging areas in just 4-6 weeks


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Anti-Cellulite Massager System

Q: How quickly can I expect to see results from the ProBody?
A: When used as directed daily for 10-15 minutes, an overall improvement in skin texture and cellulite appearance can be expected in 4-6 weeks.

Q: How often should I use ProBody?
A: It is recommended that the ProBody be used for 10-15 minutes daily when you first start the treatment. This is reduced after a few months and can be used when necessary.

Q: Can the ProBody still be used when I run out of the cream?
A: The ProBody Anti-Cellulite Cream is not needed to use the ProBody device, but it does help enhance results due to its anti-cellulite ingredients. Once your cream runs out, you can buy more, or you can use the device by itself which is just as effective.

Q: Does the device require a charger or batteries?
A: Given the significant amount of power required to work ProBody, the device comes with an AC adapter that needs to be plugged into the wall during each treatment.