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3 Tips For Getting The Most Out Of Your ProSonic

July 23, 2014

Between the sun, partying, lack of sleep, natural aging and overworking, it’s no wonder a girl stresses her skin to the point where wrinkles and fine lines are inevitable.  Fortunately, for the working girl who cares about her skin but is too busy to get proper spa facials, the ProSonic exists.  The ProSonic is a handheld cleansing and exfoliation system that stretches, massages, cleanses and exfoliates your skin.  Waterproof and travel-friendly, it only takes a few minutes in the shower everyday to maintain that rejuvenated, fresh-faced look.

But before you achieve magical results, you might want to consider these three, easy-to-remember tips to maximize your results and get the most from your ProSonic GLOW.

Know your own skin type

Recognizing your own skin type is the most basic step in getting the most out of any skincare or beauty product you’ll ever buy, including the ProSonic.  Before you buy any skincare cream, lotion, serum or oil, you should first determine which of the four skin types matches your own.

While we’ve all only had one layer of skin our whole lives, and that layer of skin is “normal” to us, there are actually four different skin types: sensitive, normal (or combination), oily and dry.

Determining your skin type is easy.  Simply wake up one morning, and use a single tissue to blot against your face.  Then take a close look at the results.

If the tissue is clean and your face feels taut, you have dry skin.

If the tissue shows a lot transparent, oily or wet spots, chances are you have oily skin.

If the tissue shows only a small amount of transparent oil, then you probably have a normal skin type.

However, if your skin feels irritable, pained or distressed, then you most likely have sensitive skin that requires extra care and attention.

Once you have figured out which skin type you have, you will then know which of the ProSonic brush-heads to use for your face and body.

Normal, oily and combination skin types are advised to use the default, normal brush.  Oily skin types are also advised to use the “normal brush” as

Do Not Share Brush-Heads With Others

If you happen to be sharing your ProSonic GLOW device with a friend or loved one, do refrain from using the same brush-heads.  In terms of hygiene, sharing a brush head is kind of like sharing your toothbrush.  Kind of gross.  And germs or other microbes from skin conditions could be passed from one user to the next.  And even if you are not sharing brush-heads, it is still recommended that you clean your brush heads once a week with antibacterial soap.  Removing the brush head and washing with soapy, warm water will help maintain the cleanliness.  As brush-head bristles become less effective from wear and tear over time, consider replenishing your device with new brush-heads every three to six months.  This will maximize your everyday use of the ProSonic GLOW.

Don’t Fear The Pumice Stone Attachment!

The pumice stone attachment is the roughest of all the brush-heads and is specifically meant to be used against rough skin.  Pumice stone is a piece of volcanic rock that is used as an abrasive, especially for removing hard or callused skin.  Sounds tough, doesn’t it?

But don’t fear: the ProSonic’s pumice stone attachment will not shred your skin!  Instead, the pumice stone is rough enough to remove dirt, oil and other impurities, but is also gentle enough to use as an exfoliating agent.  Exfoliation is one of the most important keys in helping look young!  Exfoliation helps remove dry, flaky skin that ages your skin and contribute to wrinkles.  Regular use of the pumice stone attachment two to three times every week improves the vitality and appearance of skin and also relieves discomfort caused by any calluses.  Use the pumice stone gently and be patient but persistent.  A heavy buildup of hard, leathery skin may require consistent use of the pumice stone attachment over time.

By using these simple, easy-to-remember tips, your skin is guaranteed to get the most out of your ProSonic!

What are some skincare tips for traveling?

June 20, 2014

Traveling can be stressful. Not only do you have to temporarily put your daily life on hold, you also have to plan and pack. Between choosing outfits and making sure that your favorite beauty products are sized for airport security, getting away can be a hassle. Luckily, you don’t have to leave behind all your favorite beauty products. The ProSonic Go is a travel sized version of your favorite ProSonic cleansing device, so you can take it with you wherever you may wander.

By using the ProSonic Go device and following these skincare tips, your skincare routine won’t miss a beat while traveling.

Be sure to moisturize your skin the night before you are set to go. This is especially important if you plan to fly because airplane air can dehydrate the skin dramatically and make it appear lackluster for the rest of your trip.

If you’ll be spending a lot of time traveling, or will be in the air, you may want to skip the foundation application as it will fade. Instead, apply a tinted moisturizer once you arrive at your destination or your use the ProSonic GO Cleansing Brush and Makeup Applicator System to easily and quickly apply your foundation on the go.

Keep skin hydrated with a refreshing water mist. Rather than adding foundation and having it look cakey, simply spray a little mineral water to refresh your makeup.

Blotting papers are your best friend while traveling. Simple dab blotting papers or rice paper on the oiliest areas of your face, typically the T zone, in order to stay fresh and clean looking, rather than super shiny. Be sure to gently blot rather than rub to avoid smearing your makeup.

If your skin tends to get dry and dull or you’re not feeling your best while you’re away, you can fake being bright eyed and bushy tailed with a hint of shimmer. Keep a little shimmer powder or cream on hand for when you’re not looking or feeling your best. Dab a little down the straight of your nose and on the tops of your cheekbones for a glowing complexion.

Switch your lipstick for a lip gloss or stain. Lipstick can be dehydrating and cracked lips or faded color isn’t flattering. Rather than using your favorite lipstick, use your vacation to try something new, like a shiny lip gloss that can be easily reapplied for a fresh look or a subtle stain if you want some color.

Keep your lips hydrated by using a medicated lip balm whenever possible. It’s especially important to use the product when on an airplane or on a bus or train where you can’t control the environment and excess heating or air conditioning can wreak havoc on your kisser.

Fake a good night’s sleep by taking advantage of your hotel’s ice machine. Flying and time changes can make getting plenty of rest difficult, but you can calm down puffy eyes and dark circles by applying a cold cure. Simply put some ice in a washcloth and apply it to eyes to reduce dark circles and swelling. Any redness caused by the ice will soon fade, unlike puffy eyes that are left untreated.

Switch up your usual eye makeup routine. Mascara has a tendency to smear, so either skip it or simply use an eyelash curler to show off your lashes, or opt for a waterproof formula. You may also want to switch your cream formula eyeshadow for a powder, which is less prone to smearing and fading.

Keep your nails neutral. It’s nice to treat yourself to a manicure before you travel, but opt for a gel formula that will last or skip brightly colored nails that will easily chip and look ragged. Instead, keep nails natural and buffed or use a neutral color that won’t easily fade.

Be sure to use the same skincare products that you do at home. The last thing you need while on vacation is a skin flare up, so use your favorite cleanser and moisturizer while you’re away. Bring along the ProSonic Go to easily clean your face at the end of a busy day and get rid of any foreign particles that can wreak havoc on the skin. In the morning, you will be able to easily apply your foundation with the device, making it a skincare travel essential that fits into any makeup bag, thanks to its compact size.

Is it possible to over-exfoliate? What does it do to skin?

June 18, 2014

When reading about the best way to treat acne, fight signs of aging and heal a variety of other skincare woes, one technique regularly comes up: exfoliation. To get rid of the dead skin cells that pile up and clog pores and cause breakouts and wrinkles, exfoliation is the easiest and best method. However, be warned that you can do too much of a good thing and over exfoliation is a possible consequence.

What is over exfoliation?

Many people enjoy exfoliation because of the great results that it produces: tighter, firmer, smoother and younger-looking skin. However, having tight perfect skin can actually be a bad thing if it is over exfoliated. Over exfoliated skin can become more easily damaged and may also show increased sensitivity to skincare products as well as the harmful effects of UV rays.

Commonly, over exfoliation occurs when users exfoliate too hard or too often using scrubs with small granules, sponges or even hand held devices. Devices like the ProSonic are designed to do the work for you, so you don’t need to press hard or vigorously, which causes over exfoliation rather than a deep clean.

What are signs of over exfoliation?

There are many signs of over exfoliation, including: very dry skin, redness, irritation and sensitivity—even to your usual skincare products, which may cause a slight sting or burning sensation when you use them. Patchy areas, dehydration, itchiness, inflammatory acne, tautness and other signs of irritation may also occur. If you notice any of these drastic changes in your skin, it is likely that you have signs of over exfoliation.

Does over exfoliation cause damage?

While it may seem like a temporary problem, over exfoliation can actually cause damage. If over exfoliation causes sensitivity, it is probably also more sensitive to the UV rays of the sun, which means that you will be more susceptible to sunburns and the long term consequences, from age spots and wrinkles to cancer. Over exfoliation can also cause broken blood vessels, which generally appear around the corners of the nose and are bright red. They can be treated with lasers, but are not always easy to get rid of and cause a general inflamed and red appearance.

How to treat over exfoliation
If you have suffered from over exfoliation, there is hope. Be sure to wear a powerful sunblock when you go out as you will now be more susceptible to sun damage. Look for sun protection products that contain a physical blocking agent like Titanium Dioxide or Zinc Oxide to avoid further skin irritation. You should also use a mild cleanser and moisturizer designed for sensitive skin and stop exfoliating for a while.

For extreme cases, or if your skin feels very raw and red, you may want to seek professional help from a dermatologist. In addition, Dr. Dennis Gross, a cosmetic dermatologist based in New York says, “To calm your complexion once it’s red, use products that contain green-tea extract. The powerful ingredient soothes the skin and studies show it can even help prevent skin cancer. Bisabolol is another effective anti-inflammatory ingredient derived from chamomile, which will relieve red patches and reduce inflammation. And licorice root extract and cucumber extract also work to soothe and calm the skin, alleviating redness.”

How to prevent over exfoliation

To prevent over exfoliation, if you have very sensitive skin then only exfoliate a few times a week. If you like using an exfoliating device like the ProSonic, you may want to limit the use to only a couple of times a week and whenever you do use it, be sure to let the device do the work for you. Don’t apply pressure or rub it very hard. The mechanism’s brush is designed to clean for you. For very sensitive skin, you may want to skip using manual exfoliation devices like scrubs, sponges and tools and instead use products that have a chemical exfoliant. Chemical exfoliants can be found in skincare products from cleansers to serums and include BHA, or beta-hydroxy acid and is commonly known as salyclic acid and is recommended for oily and acne prone skin types. AHA, or alpha-hydroxy acid, is recommended for skin that is prone to dryness and wrinkles and can be found as lactic acid, malic acid, citric aced and glycolic acid in cleansers, toners and lotions.

How does the ProSonic GLOW work on the body?

June 17, 2014

Just as you take care of the skin on your face with the ProSonic GLOW, it is equally important to be sure to exfoliate the body.

Why Exfoliate Your Body

For the same reason that you use a ProSonic GLOW on your face, it is important to use the device, with the body brush, to exfoliate your body. Exfoliating your body helps to get rid of the dead skin that can cause breakouts and clog pores and also helps to eliminate flaws like brownspots and enlarged pores. In addition, exfoliating the body gives the skin a smooth surface, which helps lotions and moisturizers to be absorbed more easily and also is a great base for self tanners as smooth skin prevents streaks and mistakes.

It is also important to exfoliate the body if you have dry skin. Dry skin may feel more sensitive, but the dead skin that can build up makes it harder for moisturizers to pentetrate. By exfoliating dry skin, moisturizer can penetrate more deeply and more effectively.

Although it may sound harsh, exfoliating is actually a natural process that the skin goes through to shed dead skin. When you are young, exfoliation takes place quickly, revealing smooth skin beneath. But as you grow older, exfoliation slows down so it is handy to help it along with an outside exfoliant. Exfoliating reveals healthy, younger skin beneath the outside layer and has also been found to help stimulate collagen production. The skin on your body is thicker than on your face and the ProSonic GLOW is gentle, so it is safe to exfoliate daily.

Exfoliating below the neck ensures that your youthful skin is all over, so your real age isn’t given away by having scaly legs poking out of your shorts or dry knees showcasing your wrinkles. To make sure that your chronological age remains separate from your appearance, be sure to exfoliate all over, from top to bottom.

How to Exfoliate Your Body

Just as with your face, there is a wide range of products that can also be used on your body. Physical exfoliants, those products labeled scrubs and contain salt or sugar or beads in order to remove dead skin cells. While these products are cheap, they can be too harsh for many people, causing redness and irritation and increased sensitivity that makes it painful to apply moisturizers or other body products.

Chemical exfoliants are another option. Although effective, chemical exfoliants can get pricey and may also cause irritation and redness and are also known to make the skin more susceptible to sunburn.

Because of the irritation that other exfoliants cause, it is recommended that you use an exfoliation device, like the ProSonic GLOW. The device is easy to use and has a brush head specifically designed for use on the body. Many people prefer using a ProSonic GLOW to other exfoliation techniques because it leaves skin soft and smooth and without the irritation that other exfoliants can cause.

Why Choose the ProSonic GLOW?

The ProSonic GLOW has three speeds so you can choose how deep you want your exfoliation to be. It has a separate body brush so that your body gets the extra deep clean it can handle, without harming your face. And it can be used in the shower, making cleaning a breeze and won’t add more time to your morning routine.

The ProSonic GLOW safely and effectlively removes oily skin and rough patches so that your body is smooth and even all over. It is the same type of device that professional skincare experts use to give their clients an allover glow.

Furthermore, the ProSonic GLOW is one of the easiest methods of exfoliation available. Oftentimes exfoliation is recommended before various beauty treatments, such as applying self tanning products. With traditional methods, you can’t do them in the shower, so they are time consuming and can be messy. The ProSonic GLOW is an easy to use device that goes anywhere you go, so you can bring it with you in the shower and even on vacation so that your skin always remains smooth and clear.

Using the ProSonic device allows you exfoliate quickly and effectively, in the time it takes to shower.

What are the common types of acne and how can the ProSonic Glow help fight it?

June 16, 2014

It may surprise you to learn that there are several different types of acne. Typically classified as mild, moderate or severe, acne is also classified as either non-inflammatory or inflammatory. Whatever type of acne you have, it can cause a loss of confidence and feelings of shame and unattractiveness. Luckily, acne of all types can be treated with a ProSonic Glow device, getting rid not only of the acne but also the negative feelings that it creates.

Acne is mostly common in teenagers, but it can affect adults as well. It is caused by excessive sebum–oil produced by the skin–getting trapped in pores by dead skin cells. The oil then gets backed up in the skin, causing whiteheads and blackheads. When the whitehead or blackhead gets inflamed, it creates acne. Most often acne occurs on the face, but it can also occur on the chest, shoulders and back.

Take a look at the different types of acne and how a ProSonic Glow can help fight it:

Inflammatory versus Non-Inflammatory Acne:

Non-inflammatory acne is less severe than inflammatory and is commonly referred to in more causal terms as a pimple or zit.

Mild, Moderate and Severe acne:

Mild: Mild acne is categorized by the appearance of whiteheads and blackheads, known as comedones. These are clogged pores. Contrary to common belief, blackheads are not actually dirt trapped in the skin. Rather, blackheads are open pores that allow skin pigment, melanin, in the pore to mingle with oxygen in the air. Whiteheads are closed pores with a white or yellowish head. As more and more oil builds up, it is more likely to cause inflammatory acne. Acne is also categorized as mild if there are only a few pimples present or if they are small.

Moderate: Moderate acne is categorized with an increased number of pimples. These pimples may be inflamed and called “papules” (small bumps) or “pustules” (filled with yellow pus).

Severe: Those that suffer from severe acne often have papules and pustules as well as reddish, painful nodules that can cause skin damage and scarring.

Treatment options:

There are many different ways to treat acne, from specialized soaps and cleansers to topical treatments, prescription medications and physical treatments. While some people find these solutions beneficial, many of them can cause further problems. Soaps can be too harsh and cause irritation to the skin. Topical treatments can be costly and may not work. Prescription medications can have bad side effects and using antibiotics can become ineffective if the bacteria become resistant to the medication.

Other treatment options, like professional facial treatments and extractions can be expensive and time consuming, as can laser treatments, IPL therapy and phototherapy. These procedures can be effective, but are often too expensive to maintain.

The ProSonic Glow:

The ProSonic Glow is the same type of skincare system used by professional skincare specialists. The sonic and pulsation technology is six times more effective at getting a deep down clean than soap and water and is suitable for use on both face and body, so it can treat acne wherever it occurs.

The deep down cleaning power of the ProSonic Glow gets deep into pores to remove known pore clogging materials like dirt and makeup. By cleansing and exfoliating at the same time, you not only save time, but also get a more effective cleaning power improving skin texture. The ProSonic Glow also reduces the appearance of large pores and the presence of acne as well.

The ProSonic Glow features four different brush heads and three speeds to get you acne free, or close to it, from head to toe. The facial brush head evens out dry skin and oily patches and prevents acne breakouts as well as reduce pore size. The body brush can be used to help treat and prevent acne on the chest, shoulders and back.

Best of all, the device is simple to use and portable. You don’t have to make and keep appointments at the doctor’s office or go without treatment when you are out of town. The portable device can go with you to treat and prevent acne at your convenience.

What Are the Proper Skincare Steps to Get Healthy Looking Skin?

June 12, 2014

No matter what your age, your skin type or skin concern, it may surprise you to learn that you can have healthy, glowing skin at any age. All you have to do is follow these steps for proper skincare to get healthy looking skin.

Get Rid of Acne—For Good

While acne is commonly associated with the growing pains of adolescence, it often lasts well into adulthood. Fluctuating hormones play a role in the development of acne, as do other factors like stress and diet, but there are ways to beat it. Using exfoliating devices like the ProSonic, especially when combined with your favorite cleanser can get rid of the dirt and impurities that clog pores and cause acne. Using oil-free products and cleansers and creams designed to beat acne can also help to get rid of acne at any age. If zits do appear, you can use a light treatment like the Tanda Zap to get rid of pimples before they appear on the skin’s surface.

Prevent and Treat Skin Damage

Sunburns may cause the skin to turn a bright red instantly, but the damage they leave behind may be far worse. Sunburns often become melanoma, so be sure to check your skin for new spots and oddly shaped moles. Having a yearly checkup with a dermatologist can help prevent and treat melanoma before it gets too late. To prevent melanoma and other skin conditions, be sure to wear sunscreen on a daily basis and cover up as much as possible. Avoid direct sun exposure at times when the sun is at it’s most damaging, from 10 am to 4pm. Wear a hat and seek shade as much as possible.

Fight Redness and Rosacea

Redness and rosacea are skin conditions that are common in many people. Eating a diet low in spicy foods and other triggers can help prevent flareups, as can using medications prescribed from a dermatologist. If you have sensitive that is easily prone to redness, there are over the counter products and treatments that can help reduce redness.

Stop Age Spots and Other Flaws

Age spots are commonly caused by excessive sun exposure, as are wrinkles and fine lines. To prevent age spots and other signs of aging, using sunscreen and anti-wrinkle products can help, but using a ProSonic device can be even more effective. A ProSonic system can help to reduce the appearance of fine lines and get rid of flaws like age spots. Using a ProSonic along with your favorite products can also help them penetrate the skin more deeply, making them more effective than just applying with your fingers.

Hydrate, Exercise, Eat Well and Get Plenty of Sleep

Drinking plenty of water not only helps your weight, but also helps your skin. Good hydration helps plump skin cells and get rid of impurities that can make skin look tired and dull.

Exercise is not just good for the organs on your insides; it is also good for your skin. Physical activity increases circulation and helps ensure that nutrients reach your skin.

Eating a healthy, balanced diet is also essential for skin health. Just as skin products filled with vitamins and nutrients feed your skin from the outside, eating well can boost your skin health from the inside. Diets high in fat, salt and dairy have been liked to poor skin in some studies.

Sleeping well is also important for skin health. Not getting enough sleep can actually exacerbate skin conditions as well as break down the building processes that make skin healthy, young and glowing. Damaged skin cells repair themselves overnight and not getting enough sleep impedes this process, leading to signs of aging.

Stop Smoking

Smoking isn’t a healthy habit for anything. Dragging on a cigarette causes fine lines to appear around the lips and also ages the skin quickly, causes spots and drying out the skin and even causing deep lines and wrinkles.


With today’s hectic pace, it can be hard to slow down and relax, but stress has an adverse effect on the skin’s appearance.  Excessive stress can actually cause rashes, bumps and worsen skin conditions like eczema, psoriasis and more.

Keep calm with meditation or even a walk around the block to keep skin clear and healthy.

By following these proper skincare tips, you can get healthy looking skin.

What is the difference between the ProSonic Glow and the Clarisonic?

June 9, 2014

With so many exfolitation devices on the market, it can be difficult to decide which one is the best. Here’s a look at the ProSonic Glow and the Clarisonic so that you can understand the differences.

The ProSonic recently introduced a new model, the ProSonic Glow, sometimes known as the ProSonic 2, and it’s even better than before. Still lightweight and easy to use, many users have found that it remarkably similar to it’s more expensive, name brand Clarisonic counterpart. When you purchase your ProSonic Glow, you not only get the device, but a complete kit, including not only the wand, but three brush heads, a pumice head, as well as a cleanser and a microderm cream, in addition to the charger. The full package allows you to experience the full range of ProSonic Glow products in one easy package at one low price.

By contrast, Clarisonic offers several different devices, so you have to wade through them all to find which device best suits your needs. Each device includes a different kit, with a price increase for the increased capabilities each device offers. In fact, the Clarisonic PRO doesn’t even have a price available on the website, but the next model down, which is the only one that is really comparable to all the features that a ProSonic Glow offers, has a baseline price of over $200!

One major difference between the ProSonic Glow and the Clarisonic is that the ProSonic Glow system includes a body brush so that you can enjoy clear skin all over your body, not just on your face. By getting rid of dead skin cells and stimulating new cell growth, you can get rid of the acne and clogged pores that many people experience on the chest and neck. This feature is only available on the Clarisonic’s top level models, making it an additional expense.

With the ProSonic Glow, not only do you get the body brush, but the new kit also includes a pumice stone, perfect for prepping for pedicures to keep you feet sandal ready all year long. In addition, the kit includes several different types of brush heads, so that you can find the one that best works with your skin, whether it is normal or sensitive. By contrast, with the Clarisonic, it appears that you must choose your brush head, as only some are available with each model.

What may be the most confusing part about the Clarisonic system is that while many people purchase it is an exfoliation device; it is actually a cleansing system, according to the company. So while many find that their skin improves and has less acne and a brighter, younger appearance, for some people the system proves to be too harsh. This is especially true when used with physical exfoliants like scrubs, which can actually tear and damage the skin or cause excessive dryness.

Instead, the sonic technology gently cleanses the skin, giving a feeling of gentle vibrations rather than deep penetration into pores to remove dirt and makeup buildup.

The ProSonic has been found to effectively treat many different types of skin, from aging to acne and everything in between. It can also be ordered with additional brush heads so that not only can you take off every last bit of makeup, but you can also apply your make up smoothly and easily with the additional brush head options.

The new ProSonic Glow has been updated to include even more features. The charger light is now brighter and easier to see and blinks while charging and then becomes a solid when it is done so that there is no guessing. In addition, while some felt that the ProSonic was too lightweight, it now has a rubberized grip so that it fits securely in the hand.

Many people that have used both types of devices find that much of the differences between the ProSonic Glow and Clarisonic product are negligible. The Clarisonic is considered much more expensive but not much more effective than the ProSonic Glow, making any differences in performance not worth the additional expense of paying for the recognized brand name. In addition, many users report enjoying the different speeds that the ProSonic Glow offers, which cannot be found on all Clarisonic products.

Can the ProSonic GLOW shrink the size of pores?

May 27, 2014

Shrinking pores is no easy task. In fact, according to leading dermatologist Dr. Debra Jaliman, it’s not really possible without expensive prescriptions and treatments. It’s also worth noting that pore size is mainly determined by genes, so whether or not your pores are visible or not is the luck of the genetic lottery. However, there are ways to reduce the appearance in the size of pores, which are affordable as well as easy to do.

What are pores?

Pores are nothing more than miniscule connections that merge hair follicles in the skin with oil glands. Usually, pores are pretty much invisible but they can become enlarged when they get clogged or damaged.

Oil and dead skin cells and debris that get trapped stretch pores and make them look larger. Sun damage and aging also affect pore size. The sun’s UV rays create free radicals that damage the collagen and elastin that make up your skin’s support system, causing sagging and enlarged pores. Aging naturally slows down the body’s ability to make collagen, another reason that pores may become more noticeable with age.

How to Prevent Enlarged Pores

Like other skin problems, wearing sunscreen daily can help prevent enlarged pores by helping to maintain the skin’s support structure. Choose a sunscreen or a moisturizer with sunscreen with an SPF of at least 30.

Exfoliate: Using an exfoliation device like the ProSonic GLOW can clear out the dead skin that gets trapped in pores and stretches them out.

Stop smoking: Smoking prevents essentials like oxygen, blood and nutrients from reaching the skin, inhibiting the skin from repairing itself.

Use retinoids: Over the counter or prescription creams and serums containing retinoids can help to stimulate collagen production. New collagen helps the structure of the skin, rebuilding sagging to improve the appearance of enlarged pores.

Treatment Options to Shrink Pores

Treatment options to shrink the size of pores tend to involve time consuming trips to the dermatologist or plastic surgeons office for treatments that tend to be costly and aren’t usually covered by insurance.

Microdermabrasion: Microdermabrasion is a professional version of the exfoliation provided by a system like the ProSonic GLOW. The in-office treatment cleans out pores, getting rid of dirt, debris, oil and skin cells that create the appearance of enlarged pores. However, many people find the treatment uncomfortable and can cause redness and irritation.

Laser treatments: Laser treatments can help to increase collagen production and tighten the skin around pores to help to minimize their appearance. However, it takes several months of treatments to see results and the procedure is expensive.

Chemical peels: Peels can also benefit pore size. Glycolic acid, salicylic acid or trichloroacetic acid (TCA) peels can help to improve skin texture and pore size. Depending on the amount of acid in the peel, results will vary. More acid in the solution yields more improvement, but also creates more redness and irritation that must heal before results can be seen.

Light therapy: Light therapy has also been shown to help improve the appearance of pores. While the treatment may shrink pore size, the results are temporary and must be repeated every once in a while to maintain the improved look of your skin.

Generally, enlarged pores are not considered a critical skin condition, unless they are a side effect of another problem and may not be worth treating with chemical peels and laser treatments as both types of pore shrinking procedures can have side effects.

How the ProSonic GLOW Can Help Reduce the Appearance of Enlarged Pores

The ProSonic GLOW is total cleaning and exfoliating experience at the touch of a button. Having clean skin helps to keep pores clear and free of debris, minimizing the appearance of enlarged pores. Exfoliation is also important because it gets rid of the dead skin cells that clog pores and stretch them out, making them appear larger.

Professional aestheticians have been using exfoliation devices like the ProSonic GLOW for years with great results in reducing pore size. Because the ProSonic GLOW is approved for home use, you can clean and exfoliate your own pores without having to make an appointment and spend time in an office.

Many users have reported that the appearance of their pores improved after just one use and continue to get better from there.