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MMH ID: 162490; Brand: Tanda; Model No: Tanda Zap

Price: $49.00

Product Description & Benefits

The Tanda Zap is an FDA-cleared, clinically proven acne clearance device. Utilizing advanced blue-light technology, the Tanda Zap targets and clears bacteria that cause acne and will leave your skin looking fresh and clear within 24 hours. The precise blue-light wavelength is phototoxic to bacteria, and when combined with oxygen causes it to self-destruct. The Tanda Zap is a small, mobile device that you can carry around. This means wherever and whenever, any concerns about your skin may be resolved quickly and effectively.

  • Effectively clears existing breakouts within 24 hours
  • No irritation, redness, dry skin
  • Safe for all skin types, including sensitive skin
  • Helps to prevent future blemishes and breakouts
  • Effectively treats mild to moderate inflammatory acne
  • FDA-cleared and Dermatologist-recommended
  • No pain or side effects, burning, itching, dryness or redness

How Does The Tanda Zap Work?

The Tanda Zap utilizes three acne-fighting technologies in blue-light technology, sonic vibrations and gentle warming to effectively treat existing and future breakouts. When exposed to blue-light, tiny molecules that form in acne bacteria produce free radicals that cause the bacteria to self-deprecate. The sonic vibrations caused by the Tanda Zap increases microcirculation, reducing swelling and inflammation. This process also agitates the skin, exposing more of the acne causing bacteria to light. A gentle warming produced by the blue-light also opens the pores, allowing more light to target the harmful bacteria.

Directions for Use

  1. Thoroughly clean and dry your face.
  2. Start the device by pressing the orange power button.
  3. Place the device lightly over the targeted area until vibration stops (2 minutes). Repeat 2-3 times daily.

Tanda Frequently Asked Questions

What is blue light therapy?
Blue-light treatments use non-UV light to eliminate acne safely and gently. This FDA cleared; proven technology has been used in clinics for over three decades and has no known negative health effects.

Are there any harmful side effects?
No. The Tanda Zap is a safe and effective technology without harmful side effects.

Will the LEDs used by the Tanda Zap burn my skin?
No. The technology is designed to remain at a safe and comfortable level.

Are there any UV dangers when using Tanda Zap?
No. The 414nm blue LED light used is not a UV wavelength.

When can I expect to see results?
Results from the Tanda Zap treatment are visible within 24 hours.

Does Tanda Zap prevent breakouts from occurring?
Yes. The blue-light treatment used by Tanda Zap not only diminishes acne blemishes, but also the bacteria that cause acne. Thus, preventing future breakouts as well as existing.

How long will Tanda Zap last?
The Tanda Zap will last for 1000 2-minute treatments.

Is the Tanda Zap right for me?
The Tanda Zap is right for anyone suffering from acne blemishes and wants fresher, clearer skin. For more moderate problems, the Tanda Prestige Clear is designed for treating larger surface areas.

How do I dispose of my device once it has completed 1000 uses?
The Tanda Zap should be disposed like any other electronic device.

Do I need to wear goggles?
No. When used as directed, the Tanda Zap does not pose any risks of injury to the eyes.

What skin types are best suited for the Tanda Zap?
The Tanda Zap device may be used on any skin type and tone. As a safe, gentle device, there are no risks of irritation, dryness or hyper-pigmentation. It is suitable for sensitive skin.

My batteries seem to run out quickly – why?
The batteries that come with your device last for around 45 treatments. Remember that the Tanda Zap is a zit zapping device, and is not designed to treating your whole face. This will run out your batteries quickly. For a full face treatment, check out the Tanda Clear Light Therapy Device. This rechargeable device covers approximately 5X the surface area of the Zap and lasts for 6,000 treatments. When used as directed, the Tanda Zap will go a long way. Once your batteries run out, there are still 955 treatments left in the life of the device.