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Tanda Pearl Ionic Teeth Whitening System Kit

MMH ID: 143243; Brand: Tanda; Model No: FG70741US

Price: $195.00

Product Description & Benefits

The Tanda Pearl Ionic Teeth Whitening Kit is the quickest, easiest and most effective teeth whitening system on the market. Using revolutionary patented ionic technology, teeth are visibly whiter after just one 5-minute treatment. Perfect for teeth sensitive to whitening, this kit is enamel safe and delivers professional results without the discomfort. The Tanda Pearl contains patented ionic whitening gel to deliver instantaneous, professional whitening results without the side effects and costs. The hydrogen peroxide in the gel actively breaks down stains with virtually no sensitivity for a clean, professionally whiter smile.

Instructions for Use

  • 1. Squeeze one gel tube evenly into each side of the tray, using a total of 2 gel tubes
  • 2. Activate device and treat for 5 minutes
  • 3. Remove device and rinse your mouth and the tray. Use a toothbrush to quickly and thoroughly clean the mouth-tray

Customize Whitening Solutions to Fit Your Lifestyle

  • The 5 Day Whitener: Treat for 5 minutes twice a day for 5 days
  • The 50 Minute Whitener: For immediate results, simply do 10 consecutive treatments totaling 50 minutes

Tanda Pearl Ionic Teeth Whitening System Includes

  • Pearl Mouth-Tray Device
  • 20 Ionic Whitening Gel Tubes
  • Clamshell Storage Case
  • User Manual
  • Quick Reference Guide

About Tanda

Tanda is universally renowned as pioneers in modern beauty technology. As the leading brand in home-use energy-based device, Tanda offers the widest range of beauty solutions on the market. All products are clinically tested, safe and designed for easy and convenient use.