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3 Tips For Getting The Most Out Of Your ProSonic

July 23, 2014

Between the sun, partying, lack of sleep, natural aging and overworking, it’s no wonder a girl stresses her skin to the point where wrinkles and fine lines are inevitable.  Fortunately, for the working girl who cares about her skin but is too busy to get proper spa facials, the ProSonic exists.  The ProSonic is a handheld cleansing and exfoliation system that stretches, massages, cleanses and exfoliates your skin.  Waterproof and travel-friendly, it only takes a few minutes in the shower everyday to maintain that rejuvenated, fresh-faced look.

But before you achieve magical results, you might want to consider these three, easy-to-remember tips to maximize your results and get the most from your ProSonic GLOW.

Know your own skin type

Recognizing your own skin type is the most basic step in getting the most out of any skincare or beauty product you’ll ever buy, including the ProSonic.  Before you buy any skincare cream, lotion, serum or oil, you should first determine which of the four skin types matches your own.

While we’ve all only had one layer of skin our whole lives, and that layer of skin is “normal” to us, there are actually four different skin types: sensitive, normal (or combination), oily and dry.

Determining your skin type is easy.  Simply wake up one morning, and use a single tissue to blot against your face.  Then take a close look at the results.

If the tissue is clean and your face feels taut, you have dry skin.

If the tissue shows a lot transparent, oily or wet spots, chances are you have oily skin.

If the tissue shows only a small amount of transparent oil, then you probably have a normal skin type.

However, if your skin feels irritable, pained or distressed, then you most likely have sensitive skin that requires extra care and attention.

Once you have figured out which skin type you have, you will then know which of the ProSonic brush-heads to use for your face and body.

Normal, oily and combination skin types are advised to use the default, normal brush.  Oily skin types are also advised to use the “normal brush” as

Do Not Share Brush-Heads With Others

If you happen to be sharing your ProSonic GLOW device with a friend or loved one, do refrain from using the same brush-heads.  In terms of hygiene, sharing a brush head is kind of like sharing your toothbrush.  Kind of gross.  And germs or other microbes from skin conditions could be passed from one user to the next.  And even if you are not sharing brush-heads, it is still recommended that you clean your brush heads once a week with antibacterial soap.  Removing the brush head and washing with soapy, warm water will help maintain the cleanliness.  As brush-head bristles become less effective from wear and tear over time, consider replenishing your device with new brush-heads every three to six months.  This will maximize your everyday use of the ProSonic GLOW.

Don’t Fear The Pumice Stone Attachment!

The pumice stone attachment is the roughest of all the brush-heads and is specifically meant to be used against rough skin.  Pumice stone is a piece of volcanic rock that is used as an abrasive, especially for removing hard or callused skin.  Sounds tough, doesn’t it?

But don’t fear: the ProSonic’s pumice stone attachment will not shred your skin!  Instead, the pumice stone is rough enough to remove dirt, oil and other impurities, but is also gentle enough to use as an exfoliating agent.  Exfoliation is one of the most important keys in helping look young!  Exfoliation helps remove dry, flaky skin that ages your skin and contribute to wrinkles.  Regular use of the pumice stone attachment two to three times every week improves the vitality and appearance of skin and also relieves discomfort caused by any calluses.  Use the pumice stone gently and be patient but persistent.  A heavy buildup of hard, leathery skin may require consistent use of the pumice stone attachment over time.

By using these simple, easy-to-remember tips, your skin is guaranteed to get the most out of your ProSonic!

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